The Green Army official says she was shocked by the struggle the midfielder has been facing due to unsettled bills

Gor Mahia organizing secretary Judith Nyangi has revealed measures she had taken in order to get stranded Jackson Owusu out of Jimlizer Hotel where he was staying.

On Friday, Goal revealed how the midfielder has been left stranded at the Buruburu hotel following the club’s failure to clear his bills.

Owusu has been living at the facility since he signed for Gor Mahia in January.

Nyangi revealed she learnt of Owusu’s struggle through a stranger who called her and thereafter hatched a number of plans to smuggle the Ghanaian out of the hotel.

“I was alerted by an unknown person of Owusu’s situation,” Nyangi told Radio Jambo.

“I took the initiative of knowing the real problem with the hotel management where I was informed of a huge spending bill that had been consumed not only by Owusu but by other club officials. It stood at Kes600,000.

“I requested them to let me leave with Owusu so that I can accommodate him. They declined my request saying only the chairman can sort the issue out.

“Owusu told me he was ready to accommodate himself elsewhere and what he needed was just a mattress as he can cook for himself.

“I advised him since everything seems not to be going right, every day he leaves the hotel, he could wear two or three clothes on top until when every piece of his clothing is no longer at the hotel. It was a better way of exiting slowly and unnoticed

“I was ready to accommodate him at my place alongside my two boys since this problem he is facing is not his. I would really not want to see anyone suffer in a foreign land.”

The outspoken official said there was a plan, in conjunction with the some Gor Mahia fans, to raise money that would see Owusu get a rented house instead.

“I had also talked with some fans who were ready to raise Kes40,000 so that we can find him a single room that goes for Kes10,000 each month,” Nyangi explained.

“The move would have seen him live peacefully for three months until when the club states whether they still want him or not.

“The secretary said the Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier had been slow in addressing the issue 

“It is the club who took him to the hotel for accommodation and he has been staying there since his arrival. Frustrations started when the hotel management said they had received no money from the club for his maintenance. This is what Owusu told me.

“When I visited him on Monday, he stated clearly what the problem has been. He was open on how the chairman had promised to clear the bills but it has not been done. 

“Anytime he tries to sort out the matter with the chairman, instead of the chair addressing the real issues, he sends little money like Kes2000 to Owusu.”

Nyangi further explained how the midfielder has always struggled to take meals whenever she took him out for dinner.

“Owusu is so frustrated that he lacks even the small energy of eating Ugali,” she concluded.

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“At Burma Market, where I have taken him for lunch on a number of occasions, he would tell me how he does not want to take a lot of meals so as to help his stomach get accustomed to little food since he was almost getting none at the hotel.”

Meanwhile, Gor Mahia deputy secretary-general Ronald Ngala called on the midfielder to stay patient.

“He should be patient. He will just be assisted,” Ngala told Nairobi News.



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