The tactician says the media houses might approach footballers with either incomplete or inaccurate information on the topic to get ‘cheap headlines’

Payers have been asked to keep off the debate surrounding the Federation of Uganda Football Associations’ (Fufa) reforms which aim to reduce the number of Premier League teams.

Johnathan McKinstry, the national team coach has, in a WhatsApp message to his players who were preparing for the suspended African Nations Championship (Chan) tournament, asked the players to keep from the discourse surrounding radical reforms.

“As I understand many of the players may have been approached by different media houses to respond to the proposal regarding league updates here in Uganda,” McKinstry’s message, reported by Football256 read.

“I would advise avoiding the topic if possible, as it appears some of you are unfortunately being presented with either incomplete or inaccurate information by some media houses.

“Most likely in order for them to get a cheap headline during a time when there is not a lot of football to report on.

“The present situation is that a proposal has been made regarding how to restructure the top two-divisions of league football here in Uganda.

“As well as the introduction of a Reserve League and now all stakeholders [clubs etc] will have the opportunity to discuss those proposals.

“It is clear that some people believe that a decision has been made already; when, in fact, it is at a very early stage with consultations and discussions between all stakeholders in Ugandan football still to take place.”

In a recent interview, Denis Onyango, Uganda’s number one goalkeeper said he was opposed to the reduction of the UPL teams from the current number of 16 to 12.

“First, I think Fufa should have consulted the clubs in the first place which they did not,” the Mamelodi Sundowns goalkeeper was quoted by Kawowo Sports.

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“As an individual, I do not buy the idea of reduction of teams since many players will be denied an opportunity to play in the top division.

“When you look at most of the strong leagues in the world, they have more teams in the top division and actually, I would advocate for more teams than reduction.”




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